Our mission, vision and values

Our mission:

To identify the root causes of the social and environmental crises leading to discrimination, poverty and forced migration in East Africa and promote effective solutions both to those problems and the people affected by them.

Our vision: 

A) To investigate the environmental, political and social causes of the growing refugee crisis in Africa.

B) To provide training, education and support to families, communities and individual refugees and their hosting communities. To promote their integration, self-organization and understanding of the root causes of their situation as well as possible solutions.

C) Promote truly sustainable solutions for the environmental problems that threaten human populations in East Africa.

Our values: 

Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency– Aniye will set an example for efficiency and transparency. This is both in their dealings with the organization’s finances and with their project. They commit to invest the core part of their finance in field activities beneficial to society and the environment and to keep their overhead spending to a minimum. They will not intentionally take part in any unethical activity and will publicly denounce cases of corruption and violation of human rights.

Courage of Their Conviction– Aniye will be bold, honest and innovative and strive to effectively execute each one of our activities. They will provide the best possible service to the people depending on their work, even when these actions contradict the interests of different groups of power.

Informed Actions – All Aniye’s actions will be based on investigation rather than on hearsay or “common knowledge”. They will examine the historical, social, economic, ecological and demographic aspects, to produce ‘a chain of explanations’ to the sources and magnitudes of social and environmental problems. Only deep and sincere understanding of the root problems can result in effective actions.

Respect and Solidarity– Aniye has a commitment to defend and promote cultural and ethnic diversity, be inclusive and condemn prejudices. Additionally, strong internal solidarity will ensure the support and protection between all group members.

Equity and Justice– All human beings deserve their equal worth irrespective of race, creed, sex or status. Aniye’s members will be respectful, empathic and responsible towards all humans and nature.

Environmental Justice –The protection of nature must be inclusive, just and respective to local culture and beliefs. Aniye is committed to support grassroots conservation initiatives and reject top down and unjust land grabbing in the name of conservation and/or resource exploitation. Aniye’s members consider the intrinsic value of nature as well as its vitality to local communities’ survival and prosperity; therefore, the efforts of local people to protect their natural heritage will be promoted and supported.

Through initiatives that foster peace, reconciliation and social cohesion, Aniye Movement

  1. Builds broad awareness of a social principles and shared values.
  2. Develops a multi-community movement of innovative community leaders who work in partnership to address the critical issues of conflict, under-development and environmental destruction.