Safe Space and Vocational Training Centre for particularly Vulnerable Refugees

Today we opened our Safe Space and Vocational Training Centre for particularly Vulnerable Refugees, for the first time. Refugees in Uganda confront many economic and social challenges, especially these days. Certain subsets of refugees such as disabled and elderly people, Women at risk, HIV+ people, etc., meet additional challenges as they are often subjected to discrimination, humiliation and violence due to societal stigmas and prejudice. Their legal, social and economic opportunities are significantly reduced. This societal marginalization makes them particularly vulnerable, and many of them struggle to survive. This project aims to help these groups in their day to day survival, as well as equip them with practical vocational skills and give them tools which will help them to integrate into the local economy and hopefully become self-sufficient. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restriction, we must limit the number of participants, and we are sure that we will face many more challenges down the road. But today’s meeting with the first group of people was really encouraging and we are positive that this initiative will bring significant change to many vulnerable refugees.

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