First Community Market

Today we had a colourful, beautiful and successful community market today at the Little Light Children’s Center. This was a great opportunity for groups of refugees and local artists to network and sell their crafts.
The market was so much fun that all groups involved decided that we should make this a routine; starting mid January we will run the market every Saturday!
Additionally, we will open a special Facebook page to give these artists an online stage where they can directly engage with the public and sell their products.



Aniye News – December 2019

The best news is that Aniye is now officially registered both in Uganda (Aniye Movement, NGO permit No.; MIA/NB/2019/02/2433) and in the UK (Company Number 12274043). This is a great step forwards to make the organization efficient and sustainable.

Ndejje’s hair saloon was opened in November and profits will go towards caring for a group of orphan refugee children which were adopted by several families in the community. This project is led by Dr. Hortencia Salama, helping Congolese refugee women to generate their own income. Our collaboration with the Refugee Association for Development is continuing and we will keep monitoring the progress of this project and help whenever needed. Our other friends at Kandaakiat Organization for women empowerment received a six years’ small funding grant to run an education program for women and girls in Kriadongo Refugee Camp and in Kampala. And lastly, Angels Refugee Support Group has been granted funding for general operation costs and security training for their LGBTQ refugees. In November and December, we ran two more fund raising training courses to small NGOs and promised to support the development of new grassroots organizations. More information of our new collaborations is coming soon.

Children in Uganda had started their holidays vacation and we started traveling around Kampala offering children days of playing activities to make their vacations more fun. The first activity was with the excellent Little Light Children’s Center Uganda – a self help community center, at the Namuwongo slums in Kampala.

We keep teaching different art and vocational skills in different refugee groups around Kampala. We are extremely satisfied to see that many of our groups are already managing to sell their products and are eager to learn new skills.